“Tweeted as”

So I’m gonna technically start this blog with the past week in pictures and not use today cause I used my analog camera and I’m going to be lazy. :]

Soooo, here we go!

October 7th, 2010.

Lunch; &Jenessa looking beautiful as usuallll.

Today, I was to hang out with Zachy. :)

I think I sat next to Joseline while waiting for him, she told me she was into 80’s anthem rock (WHAT?!?!?) We talked about QUEEN, and it was thee best.

Saw a cat, cat lady took her home; put up unnecessary cat signs no one would read; took it home.

He wouldn’t tell me where we were going; Saw Maggie on the bus, he said we were going the same way; spoiled the surprise.

Chris’s birthday. WOO~

Didn’t I just caption this? GODDAMNIT.

So I kept trying to get this feather out of Chris’s hair that he was paranoid was a gray hair, which I wouldn’t do cause then two would grow in its place and he was really scared then he moved or Zach did something and it was yanked and the feather was bonded to his hair and then Zach was gonna take a picture, the feather part was gone, and you can’t even see what he was pointing at. Happy birthday Chris. haha.

This is, Zach’s girlfriend getting a call, I feel like a bitch now for forgetting her name. -__-

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Zach, first being really angry I took a picture, then telling the story of his teacher who spit every time he talked.

Alsooo, them fighting, looking like they choreographed it.

Me, taking pictures without looking, better than when I do look.

Zach and I went to Burgerville, he went to the wall and gave me the Model look.

Then, I fell in love with sprite and we both fell in love with going to the far away Burgerville. :]

And sweet asses…

I’d just like to add that I waited for Zach for an hour.

I hope I spit on you Zach, I hope I spit on you…

Also, this picture makes me look like a fucking tubbo.

Thanks for reading…Ms.Deacon and Chris.


4 Responses to ““Tweeted as””
  1. I didn’t make it a week, cause I’m a lazy Bitch<3

  2. I should make these fucking pictures bigger…
    I dropped the rocking chair on this one…damnit.

  3. Enoezam says:

    I didn’t realize you went to Marshall.

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