Bullshit bookstores and beautiful sentiments…

October 6th; News Marshall was closing came today.

It was like that Bitch was taking away our family.

Much venting was done today in our classes,

Mr. Horner and Rocky talked a serious talk about representing the school through our art, to put up in a display for visitors.

We all went to work on a person who would represent us, saying what we felt Marshall students were feeling.

People got their hands dirty and everyone worked(except people that didn’t)

even people who didn’t think they were necessarily “good at art”

Not to sound like a tool,

but it was a beautiful moment for the Marshall community.

We even put some Biztech shirts on some of the people. <3

Went to the park;

Powell’s is like, my home away from home away from home.

went to the book store, realized, only once it was gone;

that The Devil Finds Work was the book I wanted.

You probably can’t tell that’s me in the book store; look really hard.

Got to school fairly late.

Apparently, skipped all of Smith’s bullshit.

All the people involved with Marshall came, to listen and support. I saw as people who had been thoroughly affected by Smith’s plan to uproot the community, the school and the people in it. I saw them sob and pour their hopes, wishes and feelings out and saw as Smith and other board members simply stared apathetically back.

Enjoyed commenting on the board members BS and the beautiful speeches made by the community<3

I wish I could say more in more meaningful words but that day was more like a feeling and I am no James Baldwin…no matter how much I wish I was! So these are just a ton of pictures that mean nothing to you and that’s just how it is. That day was more of a feeling, already put into words in the past…and that’s all I have to say about that.


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