“Studying” with my Brittney Blodgett

October 11th; Today’s one of the better ones.

haha, because today I didn’t take the pictures…and theirs dancing!

An old woman caught my eye from the window in photo. :]

I got her picture later than I wanted.. so it looks like shit.

Pardon e mua.

Hung out with Brittneyyyyy,

we were going to Art Media,

and I says, I says by the Best Buy and so she thinks we’re going to the one by Gresham who knows why…

then I make the foolish decision of asking Elijah for directions and HE thinks the same, why I still don’t know.

So I think the directions sound weird but he says I can blame him if they are, so that’s satisfying enough for me.

We went to the MAX, and I made her laugh by, y’know bein so hylarious. 8D

Also she’s got about the prettiest eyes ever. Man if I had those eyes…the icey looks I’d give. Like in novels. 8D

Then she got trigger happy.

She took a picture of a Portland guy who, when I dropped my lens cap he picked it up and I called him “sir”…

I made it really weird and we both walked off and I just felt like one of those people… u_u

Eww bob hair!

So whilst at the MAX station we realized we were talking about different MAX stations after a confusing call with Omar.

So we added an extra half hour to our trip and Brittney rediculously has to be home at six. (WHUUU?)

Okayy….so now I guess I have to explain this one,

I was singing “I’m just a love machine…and I don’t work for nobody but you! something something kissing and hugging queen”



Anywho, I was feeling in a dancing mood, and my only conditions were I be in the designated dancing square…










Never again…

Soooo, then we finally got there and she wanted to keep Ms.H’s pen. haha

Oh yeah, Ms.H gave her money to buy a fine point pen, this is why we were going to Art Media..by Best Buy.

Then began the long walk up 82nd…and what a walk. O_o

From there we had wasted too much time,

we wanted donuts too…so yeah my mom picked us up off the curb.

She said “You’re mom’s cool” which is funny. She just understands the full plight and extent of my laziness. :’]

Watched my FAVORITE episode of the Simpsons…We were study buddies (-)really any studying.



“Hey do you want this [pink] donut Homer?”

“Ooh! Yeah! Thanks!..Hey…just cause I wear a pink shirt doesn’t mean I’m some kind of..pink..donut eating..guy.”

Thennnnn we REALLY wanted donuts even more! So we went to Dunkin’ and I had like, thee best donut EVAR! It was a sprinkle halloweeny donut…I never used to like sprinkle donuts.

So I don’t remember what else happened that day but now I’m really tired…hmm.

One Response to ““Studying” with my Brittney Blodgett”
  1. Enoezam says:

    Lol dancing square.

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