(MORE?) Board meetings, babies and bowling

October 12th;

Went Bowling. Category today was oxymorons; I was Bitter Sweet.

Omar was Biggie Smalls, we were both BS. :D

Decided to go to the BS board meeting deciding the official fate of Marshall,  because Ms.Pfohman was gonna do a speech.

That convinced Jennessa too. <3

Saw Mr.Watson on the MAX, and he had a Bad Religion hoodie! What a bad assss. :]

Saw Vannessa and Stephanie on the bus, they were just talking and I love it because it was just so real. .

Walking to the PPS building (and getting lost) a boy had just broken his skateboard.

The scalpers show their compassion.

Ms.Pfohman’s speech made me cry because she cried and it was so beautiful, of course.  Entirely worth going for.  And sitting next to Mr.Ferris writing funny notes.  He’s hilarious..he dropped lots of grapes on the floor.

Ms. H and her adoraaable little girl, Hazel.

Walking back, feeling defeated. Knowing our fate without knowing it. – p a p e r  f a c e –

Paper face.  Article;http://wweek.com/editorial/3648/14598/

Although this article is mostly about this girl from Pauling, there had been no coverage of Renaissance Arts Academy.

Then I texted Ms.Smith told her the news, she was a great teacher and wonderful person as usual. Told me to do something relaxing…I love her. :]



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