Beast Baby attracts bussiness to boring b…something.

October 13th; Hung out with Cameron for the first time (WUH? D:

We went to the park, sat in the grass; it was so beeeautiful and way too hot and we were complaining about how over dressed we were.

There was a handful of people there, which we thought was crazy for such a beautiful day.

We swung, he told me about being a swing baby.

I thought there was a leaf on his butt and didn’t tell him but it was his belt so it’s okay, haha.

Then we sat down in the grass for a while,

We played with grass, pretty much. For hours.

it got a little darker, and a bit more people came around… we were amazed at how the people flocked in as it got colder.

Now there are about thirty people, and a really really intense little league team of football players, they were so intense it was crazy. . .

Then as it got even colder, we talked about shivering and nonsense, the little league cheer leaders came by, (WUT? THOSE EXIST) Yes, this little league thing was le-git.

Anywhoooo, they were singing about sex, at least that’s what it sounded like until (of course) I said something, then it sounded like what it really was and told him to listen, then I was like, “OH! The Saints…” but if I hadn’t said anything, he would have heard what I heard! and even though he said I heard what I wanted to hear if those girls were singing “We are the sex” those cheerleading “coaches” wouldn’t have said anything.

So then we got to talking more about hypothermia, and OH yeah i had a ridiculously revealing shirt on, which didn’t help that I was laying forward… and my pants, which don’t close but I won’t give away, cause they look so cool, so I just had an extremely low cut shirt and pants that don’t close, (which I tie, i’m not just crazy…)

and so that was just a bonus. We shared my really long scarf, which we can do because it’s so long I call it my Beatles scarf, (for obvious reasons)

I’m ashamed if you needed that picture. D:

Anywhhooo, we kept saying things like, “Ohmygod, it’s so cold…” “Jesus, I’m freezing.” “HOLY CRAP WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE WEATHER? I’M SHIVERING HYPOTHERMIA BLAAGHH! O_o”

Maybe we didn’t get that intense, but it was cold, so eventually I just stood up and said, “Jesus we have to go…”

By the time we left the park, there were like, I don’t remember if my mental number was fifty or a hundred, but it was PACKED, the feilds were all taken, the benches were all being rested on, a man walking out of the bathroom, the Sexes were practicing, (+their cheerleaders and all four coaches, oh yeah) and all of the swings (even the baby ones!) were taken, who the hell takes their baby out on such a cold day???

A weirdie  is whom. And so we left, Cameron was a wonderful hand warmer, and it was so FREEZING~! D:

Oh, and I gave him a book to read, one of my all time favorite stories, so beautiful…I’m pretty sure he hasn’t read any of it though. . .

We both went home, it was absolutely a traitorous journey…more so for him, and it always makes me feel bad when my bus comes on time. :c

There’s no real ending to this post…


P.s. Cameron hates babies,

and kicks them, occasionally.

2 Responses to “Beast Baby attracts bussiness to boring b…something.”
  1. Enoezam says:

    I read this thing just fyi.

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