Bittersweet Thursdays

October 21st; Went to see the Hillsboro story. Today I was a camera slave.

Got to school as everyone was barely leaving. :] I love that.

& Samae, just saying.

It was a long journey.

&everyone on the Max was reading. :)

Then it was off to lunch. We went to McDonalds and Ms.Smith went on a rant about eating healthy. She said she wanted to take a healthy feild trip to WHOLE FOODS and Powell’s. So Portland<3

Jasmine made me buy a smoothie.. xD

Jasmine doing something weird…

&then we ate lunch in the lobby and they had central lighting. 8D

&Miz Smith<3

&some pre-show chitty chat and lookin around…

then the play started,

it was suuuuper long, took an hour and a half, we were told there would be an intermission.

It was at the end though…so there was no point.

The Q&A was intense and emotionante. <3

We all found out that MEEK highschool is apparently full o’ DB’s.

Tyler and I were in love with one of the actresses who had the most awesome robust voice, and she was funny too! :D She was even credited as being “the funniest lesbian of the year” according to Ms.Gundle.

Tyler and I went to talk to her and she gave a really beautiful speech and not gonna lie, almost got a little teary. Beautiful soul…

When the actors were being asked questions the DJ was up there, and I was like, psh someone should say something to him! Why is he up there? Right as I wanted to ask a question they’re like now it’s over! And Mr.Locke was going to give a speech and the reporter lady stood up really fast and was alll…you guyz rock! and she was really articulate and beautiful about it. Then Mr.Locke got up and gave a heart felt speech…bittersweet.

OPB radio interviewed me and I was taped sounding like a Dolt. If they use it it’ll be the second time I would have been on the OPB radio… xD

so I went up to the DJ afterword, and I told him I(genuinely did) like the soundtrack and someone should have told him up there. He was so humble and nice about it, he even said I could have a free soundtrack. (WHAT? 8D)

It was super cool of him…thank you, man out there.

So now we were done and the reporter lady talked to us and she was passionate and very articulate like Ms.Smith. :]

&then she and two other reporters asked for pictures.

So here I am, making this for them. So don’t forget to credit me if you do in fact use these.


Oh yeah, the journey home.


“Act like a manikin”

Urban Outifitters is love.

World store…thinking of Morgan. :)

Walk to the bus.

Waiting for the bus, OJ won’t get cold !

x  I N T E R M I S S I O N  x

Two hours on the bus.

Other bus stop. :)

Home at laaaaast/ 8D

She was wearing my coat and she’s COLOR BLIND.

Everyone, is this coat not the color purple ?


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