To Sonics or not to Sonics ? That is the question.

October 15th 2010; Today, I was to hang out with Zach. :)

Today we were to go to SONICS, talked about it all week, because we loved Burgerville so much we figured we’d love SONICS, even though that is a RIDICULOUS journey.

Caught my eye; bitter sweet. Mostly bitter.

Zach was late; we got on the bus and acted really high (high on life that is. 8D)

The driver must have been shaking their head, we were quite the riveted laughers.

I don’t know why he took this picture but I simply put it in here because every time I looked at it I thought it said “Bacon that’s good for you” and I thought, WOW. Then he said banking that’s good for you, I looked back at it and I was just confused…

After a while, we realized we both had lost the content to go to Sonics, and so we (of course) decided to go to Burgerville. <3

So we went. We took too many buses, took the worst way we could, but that’s okay. :) He tried to tell me a joke that was DEAD. he thought he could bring it back but he couldn’t…

Now, I have to say something about this image…it’s just the perfect image. Like the most beautiful statement on humanity. The look on his face, the food in his mouth…just priceless. I know not what to say about this photo that it can not say for itself about the human condition.

The sun shined right through the trees just to shine in Zach’s eyes, doesn’t he feel special.


Here, we see Zach’s hand. . . like every picture because I left the focus on manual. And manual loves Zach’s arms.


WHOA. I can write between these images…


Well I don’t have all that much to say about them.


So there.


. . . . .


He brought the joke back. Well, no he didn’t. He wishes he did, but this is him thinking he bought the joke back.

Your welcome World.

arm love.

Now off to wait for the altobus-


(See what I did thar? 8D)

then the bus came.

then street walking.


We went to Upper Playground,

and I took a horrid picture of the entrance as we left *(or E X I T depending on how we look at it. )

We got a tad lost, and then the day was over and there was a confused Asian man on the bus,

he did pull ups for me, that’s all I’ll say.

Annnd Zach and I haven’t seen each other since because someone keeps canceling our plans.

Just sayin’.

3 Responses to “To Sonics or not to Sonics ? That is the question.”
  1. Enoezam says:

    That kid is how old and ha more facial hair than I do. No wonder people think I’m 17 still damn thats gay. Lol side note I haven’t gotten to play with your camera yet.

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