Dominoes and twin memories

October 30th; Almost halloweeny!

Broke out a new game of dominoes. Even though we don’t know the rules.

Played it on our beautiful chest that used to belong to a sailor in the fifties, just sayin’.

&when we were done, Omar was playing with them.

Aaannnd I can’t help but think of how at every holiday, or around every holiday, we always end up playing some game.

Which is unusual because Omar never wants to play anything. :[

Last christmas; and here’s just about the only other picture we have together, that I really enjoy…

And aren’t you in for a treat; a story!

One night at around five in the morning, we could both could not sleep, or he woke up, because he always goes to sleep very early. But anyways, we were both up and we decided to go to the park and the sprinklers were on. Which is exciting. I think I got a piggy back ride first and then we just ran in the sprinklers. It was like being little kids.

I was in my pajamas and in my slippers and my slippers were totally ruined and my hair smelled weird and what did I even sleep in?

So we never told anyone, but it was one of my favorite memories but a fairly bad picture. :)

Wet hair.

Oh yeah, we had already changed our clothes by this picture they were so gross…

2 Responses to “Dominoes and twin memories”
  1. Enoezam says:

    Those kind of random/normal memories are one of the most preciuos, and unique things anyone can ever have.

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