Too much rain

November 28th; It was much too rainy to photograph out today.

Rain stopped once school was out, of course. I was inside the majority of the day. x Went to Powell’s with Cameron and read some really cool kids book out loud. Which made him embarrassed. We mostly read Beauty and the Beast that was a really intense heavy read for a kids book./ was a really amazing book that was actually interesting! With a genuinely good moral, interesting and engaging pictures…lovable and endearing main character, made me want to find a job. . .or be a squid.By one of my absolute favorite comedians, probably my most favorite, I read his autobiography, absolutely beautiful. <3 Although Shopgirl is quite depressing…he has a new novel out, but I expect it will be as sad as his other novel.

One Response to “Too much rain”
  1. Enoezam says:

    Read out loud really? so random. You can be a squid if you try real hard….. wait I mean you could get a job.

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