A peacock, pirate and a girl walk into a room

Somebody doesn’t walk out.

[cue dramatic music]

November 29th; Plans with Jenial and Zach, both canceled.

Murder Mystery – Rules, rules, rules. &introductions

in no particular order because I messed up. :)


Pirate bellows from below the b-chair…

and presenting to you…

A look of shock and awe!

Feathers are flying !


Something interesting.

Who dun it?

I did it. But it didn’t make sense, because the point was to find out who had the strongest motive, and I killed on accident so I don’t think that should count..because literally everyone else tried to kill her. And I’m just saying, the second to last person right before my intense monologue about how I loved Elizabeth (aka dead lady) was the person who should have been the murderer. She literally tried to kill her and was beat to it by me…and yeah. That is all.

One Response to “A peacock, pirate and a girl walk into a room”
  1. Enoezam says:

    Accidental murder. That’s crazy, but interesting nonetheless.

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