The Price is right

October 31st; Heather was mean to me and said she had different plans, and that I was a child and other nice things.

So my plans were canceled, but I said to myself;

If you watch a good movie and have Burgerville today, it will be a good day.

And lo, so I did.

All morning I was watching Vincent Price movies and building the structure thing from the Columbia cards given at the college fair…I’m not sure what to call it.

I wish everyday could be Halloween so they’d play good movies all day! I mean, c’mon we all need a little bit more Vincent Price in our life!

JIMPy was so right! The Tingler was like, the freakiest thing evar! D:

Perhaps not ever, but quite the freak- spine-tingling-feeling-giver.

&What a twist!

Thennn I got on my Coraline sweater and what not and went to Burgerville.

So anywhooo I ate their delicious fewd, there was a surprising amount of people there for a holiday.

Well, it’s a pseudo-holiday. I  suppose. In the sense that family together-ness is not a necessity.

So I was trying to pose as Coraline, to me she’s always got her mouth all the way open being crazy with her Dakota Fanning accent

I look so tan.

Or, she’s thinking about her face.

and that was my Halloween. :)

P.S. These Coraline pictures were taken by my wonderful brother, Aaron.

2 Responses to “The Price is right”
  1. Enoezam says:

    I’m really callin you Coraline for awhile now.

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