November 12th; Zach loved this picture but I hate it so i’m just keeping it in here for him.. ¬.¬

…is a coat rack.

Murder Mystery intermission. . .I forget what I was supposed to title this Zach. Woman’ s car ran out of gas and was really grateful and I was glad to have left so late when it was dark and rainy and foggy and beautiful cold and so oregon.

Trying to tell a story.


Laying down.

Bus ride home. Foggy day, foggy night.

A guy sang to me, he was really nice, but he totally wanted me.

When he found out I was sixteen he looked defeated and he carried a guitar, and sang to me. He had a lot of character and kindness to his face.




3 Responses to “MMIII”
  1. Enoezam says:

    Lol guitar players dig you lmao. Wow.

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