Oh hello there stranger

Perhaps you wonder why there is nothing here. Well, here is my other blog. http://abeautifulrind.blogspot.com/ You see, I can’t make up my mind or stick to things or finish things &I share it all with you, and by you I really do mean you, *cough Marcel. Advertisements

Puddle cookies

are love. November 17th; Made puddle cookies with Jenessa today. :) <3 &I seperated my first yolks! I was awesome at it. We also made macarooniiiiii. The most yummilicious macaroni with the perfect lightness of cheesiness. Spider free. We watched Chaplin movies while we waited for the cookie batches to come out. It was my … Continue reading

Tofu time and tiny tinsel…takes tenasious turtles to tend to.

November 16th; Prototype for the yearbook cover. Definitely not going to win with that.       Left my heart in San Francisco, no but, I left it at school . . . when I went to Bowling club. and was welcomed by this pretty sight.                   … Continue reading

Candy Cane Curse

November 29th; I had a beautiful post, about today. When you read my post today, read it as if Taylor Mali were reading it. It took me a total of too many hours, and I started on it when I directly got home and I’m just going to finish it, even though it won’t make … Continue reading


November 13th; Stayed in bed, painted all day. Well, Painted all day, in bed. I was painting man kind, I didn’t finish, and I messed up. I gave up on mankind. I had a picture, but it was bad. This actually came from me testing my camera settings. Yupp….


November 12th; Zach loved this picture but I hate it so i’m just keeping it in here for him.. ¬.¬ …is a coat rack. Murder Mystery intermission. . .I forget what I was supposed to title this Zach. Woman’ s car ran out of gas and was really grateful and I was glad to have … Continue reading

After party?

Noooooo… After the baby shower I went paint brush shopping. I’ve Been Framed is love. and had Little Caesars…not my choice.

Paint it, Black

November 7th; Read some BUST. X X I tried to paint, it was an udder failure. But my identity picture came from it. <3

Games, games, games!

November 6th; W000t! Hailey’s “surprise” birthday celebration was today. :) I was late as usual, got her b-e-a-u-tiful socks though. Got to her party an hour late, give or take a half hour. Games galore ! :D ohoh& i won the NBC game! Which is amazing, cause it’s so hard to win! D: P.S. I’m … Continue reading

Baby shower

November 13th; Baby Shower for Angie Lynn<3 Nervous at first, don’t know why; Pop gave me some of his confidence. I was like, an hour late too.