I don’t want to do this anymore.

Maybe..I’ll just upload one every day, but not necessarily from that day. Maybe, I want to make this more art-y. Less failed blog-y. Perhaps I’ll move to flickriver, or perhaps not. I found some oldish photos that inspired me. <3 Analog is love. Advertisements

MMII: Something.

November 4th; Murder Mystery. Something creepy. Something interesting. Something funny. Something sweet and tart. (depending.) Something heavy. Really heavy. In the end I  guessed…right? :D Or did I…Well, I was a werewolf. Also, I killed a tiger. xx TACOS! YES<3 Something is a heated lamp.

Fall is here

November 2nd; watch this one for the moving blurry falling leaves pictures. :) gross and off center… it looked good then but it looked bad once I got my eneven hands on it. O.o 82nd stop lights and silhouettes.


November 1st; Yelling. Night walk./

The Price is right

October 31st; Heather was mean to me and said she had different plans, and that I was a child and other nice things. So my plans were canceled, but I said to myself; If you watch a good movie and have Burgerville today, it will be a good day. And lo, so I did. All … Continue reading

Dominoes and twin memories

October 30th; Almost halloweeny! Broke out a new game of dominoes. Even though we don’t know the rules. Played it on our beautiful chest that used to belong to a sailor in the fifties, just sayin’. &when we were done, Omar was playing with them. Aaannnd I can’t help but think of how at every … Continue reading

A peacock, pirate and a girl walk into a room

Somebody doesn’t walk out. [cue dramatic music] November 29th; Plans with Jenial and Zach, both canceled. Murder Mystery – Rules, rules, rules. &introductions in no particular order because I messed up. :)   Pirate bellows from below the b-chair… and presenting to you… A look of shock and awe! Feathers are flying !   Something … Continue reading

Too much rain

November 28th; It was much too rainy to photograph out today. Rain stopped once school was out, of course. I was inside the majority of the day. x Went to Powell’s with Cameron and read some really cool kids book out loud. Which made him embarrassed. We mostly read Beauty and the Beast that was … Continue reading

Sweet chocolate cake, some assembly required.

November 27th; I’m going to an                                            Art college fair College Art fair Art fair college Infinite cable/ We went to get an overly Milky chai at my faaavorite place, Karma. :) I was heavily contemplating having a piece of chocolate cake…Not gonna lie, that cake looks really good. + taken by my brittney blodgette. chocolate … Continue reading

Bowling club

October 26th; Bowling club. Didn’t even bother to make them big, but it was a fun day. I just got amnesia. Who am I ?