I don’t want to do this anymore.

Maybe..I’ll just upload one every day, but not necessarily from that day. Maybe, I want to make this more art-y. Less failed blog-y. Perhaps I’ll move to flickriver, or perhaps not. I found some oldish photos that inspired me. <3 Analog is love. Advertisements

Too much rain

November 28th; It was much too rainy to photograph out today. Rain stopped once school was out, of course. I was inside the majority of the day. x Went to Powell’s with Cameron and read some really cool kids book out loud. Which made him embarrassed. We mostly read Beauty and the Beast that was … Continue reading

To Sonics or not to Sonics ? That is the question.

October 15th 2010; Today, I was to hang out with Zach. :) Today we were to go to SONICS, talked about it all week, because we loved Burgerville so much we figured we’d love SONICS, even though that is a RIDICULOUS journey. Caught my eye; bitter sweet. Mostly bitter. Zach was late; we got on … Continue reading