Sweet chocolate cake, some assembly required.

November 27th; I’m going to an                                            Art college fair College Art fair Art fair college Infinite cable/ We went to get an overly Milky chai at my faaavorite place, Karma. :) I was heavily contemplating having a piece of chocolate cake…Not gonna lie, that cake looks really good. + taken by my brittney blodgette. chocolate … Continue reading

Back seat stuffed animal galore

October 18th; I think I was in a hurry this morning. . . I’m pretty sure I was. Here are my feet in the morning. :)  Studying with my Brittney Blodgette. on my bed Jerk knocked over my calendar ! D: and my clothes~ BULLY ! So we studied for like 20 minutes then she … Continue reading

Bittersweet Thursdays

October 21st; Went to see the Hillsboro story. Today I was a camera slave. Got to school as everyone was barely leaving. :] I love that. & Samae, just saying. It was a long journey. &everyone on the Max was reading. :) Then it was off to lunch. We went to McDonalds and Ms.Smith went … Continue reading

“Studying” with my Brittney Blodgett

October 11th; Today’s one of the better ones. haha, because today I didn’t take the pictures…and theirs dancing! An old woman caught my eye from the window in photo. :] I got her picture later than I wanted.. so it looks like shit. Pardon e mua. Hung out with Brittneyyyyy, we were going to Art … Continue reading