November 13th; Stayed in bed, painted all day. Well, Painted all day, in bed. I was painting man kind, I didn’t finish, and I messed up. I gave up on mankind. I had a picture, but it was bad. This actually came from me testing my camera settings. Yupp…. Advertisements

Paint it, Black

November 7th; Read some BUST. X X I tried to paint, it was an udder failure. But my identity picture came from it. <3

A peacock, pirate and a girl walk into a room

Somebody doesn’t walk out. [cue dramatic music] November 29th; Plans with Jenial and Zach, both canceled. Murder Mystery – Rules, rules, rules. &introductions in no particular order because I messed up. :)   Pirate bellows from below the b-chair… and presenting to you… A look of shock and awe! Feathers are flying !   Something … Continue reading

To Sonics or not to Sonics ? That is the question.

October 15th 2010; Today, I was to hang out with Zach. :) Today we were to go to SONICS, talked about it all week, because we loved Burgerville so much we figured we’d love SONICS, even though that is a RIDICULOUS journey. Caught my eye; bitter sweet. Mostly bitter. Zach was late; we got on … Continue reading