Puddle cookies

are love. November 17th; Made puddle cookies with Jenessa today. :) <3 &I seperated my first yolks! I was awesome at it. We also made macarooniiiiii. The most yummilicious macaroni with the perfect lightness of cheesiness. Spider free. We watched Chaplin movies while we waited for the cookie batches to come out. It was my … Continue reading

I don’t want to do this anymore.

Maybe..I’ll just upload one every day, but not necessarily from that day. Maybe, I want to make this more art-y. Less failed blog-y. Perhaps I’ll move to flickriver, or perhaps not. I found some oldish photos that inspired me. <3 Analog is love.

To Sonics or not to Sonics ? That is the question.

October 15th 2010; Today, I was to hang out with Zach. :) Today we were to go to SONICS, talked about it all week, because we loved Burgerville so much we figured we’d love SONICS, even though that is a RIDICULOUS journey. Caught my eye; bitter sweet. Mostly bitter. Zach was late; we got on … Continue reading

“Studying” with my Brittney Blodgett

October 11th; Today’s one of the better ones. haha, because today I didn’t take the pictures…and theirs dancing! An old woman caught my eye from the window in photo. :] I got her picture later than I wanted.. so it looks like shit. Pardon e mua. Hung out with Brittneyyyyy, we were going to Art … Continue reading