November 12th; Zach loved this picture but I hate it so i’m just keeping it in here for him.. ¬.¬ …is a coat rack. Murder Mystery intermission. . .I forget what I was supposed to title this Zach. Woman’ s car ran out of gas and was really grateful and I was glad to have … Continue reading

MMII: Something.

November 4th; Murder Mystery. Something creepy. Something interesting. Something funny. Something sweet and tart. (depending.) Something heavy. Really heavy. In the end I  guessed…right? :D Or did I…Well, I was a werewolf. Also, I killed a tiger. xx TACOS! YES<3 Something is a heated lamp.

A peacock, pirate and a girl walk into a room

Somebody doesn’t walk out. [cue dramatic music] November 29th; Plans with Jenial and Zach, both canceled. Murder Mystery – Rules, rules, rules. &introductions in no particular order because I messed up. :)   Pirate bellows from below the b-chair… and presenting to you… A look of shock and awe! Feathers are flying !   Something … Continue reading